Why do Afformations work?

It may seem impossible but if you apply Afformations for the next 28 days you can change your life! Don’t believe me? You will! Let’s start by explaining why affirmations don’t work. After all, they’re so popular. Everyone can’t be wrong, can they? Actually, they are! Positive affirmations are statements of something that you want to be true – statements like I am happy, I am rich, I am wealthy, I am successful. Fans of affirmations believe by repeating them to yourself over and over you are programming your brain to make it a reality. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it doesn’t work. To prove this is true ,try saying that statement to yourself: “I am rich.” What does your brain say? Your brain probably says, “Yeah, right!” Or maybe you hear a sarcastic laugh inside your head. Not very encouraging.

 Why don’t you believe your Affirmations?

Because your mind is trained to respond automatically to something that’s both simpler and more powerful than statements. It responds to QUESTIONS! Your mind has its own equivalent of Google running all the time. When you ask a question, your mind automatically begins to search for an answer. If you make a statement that isn’t true it compares the ‘search results’ it finds to your statement. If you have data in your mind that tells you that you are not rich or happy or successful it immediately creates a conflict. It argues against your affirmation and you feel doubt. The point of affirmations is you need to believe them. It’s possible if you repeat them for long enough you could override this conflict. You may convince yourself they’re true. Happily, there’s an even simpler way to get to where you want to be.

How are Afformations different?

Instead of statements Afformations use empowering questions. Affirmation statements focus your mind on everything you don’t have. This immediately removes your power and your ability to act. Empowering questions have the exact opposite effect. Empowering questions focus your mind on what you have, what you can do, and who you really are. In short, empowering questions unleash your ability to take ACTION.

Here’s an example of two questions:

Why am I so beautiful?

Why am I so ugly?

If you ask yourself “Why am I so beautiful” your brain searches for the answers. You are starting from a place of empowerment. A place which already accepts the truth that you’re beautiful, so your brain provides data to back this up. It might be that you have great eyes, a sexy smile or even a cute ass! By focussing on what you have you lift yourself up. You empower yourself to go out into the world believing you are beautiful. You make it happen.

On the flip side of this if you ask “why am I so ugly” your brain will go away and dredge up all your deepest insecurities. You might feel like your belly is too big, your arms jiggle, you have a crooked nose or you have too many spots. I’m sure you realise that after a little bit of this you’ll be curled up in your bed! You’ll feel like a piece of crap and be unable to do anything but think about how ugly you are.

See the difference? If you start from a place of positivity and power these things will increase. If you start from a place of negativity you strip away your own power. You take away your ability to act to make things better.

What can I do today to empower myself?

If there’s one area in life where people are holding onto disempowering questions, it’s in the area of money. We dwell on all the things we wish we had. All the places we wish we could go to. We ask “Why don’t I make enough money to buy those shoes?” Or “I can never afford the things I want. Why am I so useless?” As you know now thinking these things is a one-way ticket to negative emotions and helplessness. In short, it leaves you disempowered and trapped right where you are.

Instead, use the following Afformations to manifest your desires fast. Focus on whatever you want most: wealth, love, happiness or success for at least 28 days. You need to understand it’s not the things that happen to us in our lives that make a difference. It’s our opinion of what happens to us that is crucial! Positive questions determine our thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

Money Money Money!

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Give it a try for the next 28 days and I promise that the results will leave you amazed and delighted!

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