How to cure Anxiety and Panic attacks. Discover the hidden cause of anxiety disorder symptoms .

Anxiety – it’s all in your head!

I get it. Anxiety is awful. Your mind races, your palms sweat, your heart pounds, and everything within you is braced for danger. The problem? There is no danger. You’re sitting on your couch or maybe out in a shop but your body is reacting as if you’re in a war zone. Obviously, this is not the correct way for your body to behave in these situations. Before we can talk about how to stop it happening though you need to understand what is going on inside your brain.

Anxiety is a natural reaction. It’s your body’s way of preparing you to face danger and engages your fight or flight response. While this was vital in the past when you might come face to face with a wild animal, it is less so now. I’m not saying we never face danger but it’s substantially less common than it was for our ancestors.

When in fight or flight mode your body is flooded with stress hormones to enhance your speed, reflexes, heartbeat, and circulation. These hormones, like cortisol, also produce an emotional response. Most often they will be negative emotions like anger or sadness but positive ones like happiness or excitement do occur too. Needless to say, the primary emotion though is fear.

Why do I get anxious for no reason ?

So what goes wrong? Why do these stress hormones and reactions activate even though there are no external triggers? Several important parts of the brain, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, play big roles in anxiety disorders.

The amygdala, which is almond-shaped and deep within your brain, controls the signals to that a threat is present and triggers your anxiety. Unfortunately, it is also this part of the brain that stores your emotional memories including your fears. Sometimes something in your subconscious triggers these memories and feelings even when they’re completely unrelated to what’s going on right then. Once these memories are triggered your body kicks into its fight or flight mode and you end up feeling incredibly anxious for no reason.

To answer why it happens to some people and not others there is definitely a genetic component. Some people are born predisposed to being more anxious. If you are it’s likely whatever has happened and how serene your life has been you’ll still suffer from anxiety. However, we also need to consider your environment.

If, for example, you grew up in a household with frequent arguments, physical or emotional abuse, or multiple tragedies. In this environment where there genuinely were frequent threats, your brain learned it needed to be on the lookout for danger at all times. As time went on your brain became so focussed on spotting danger it started to react to threats whether they were genuine threats or not. It is this unknown or unidentified aspect of anxiety that can best be treated with natural, holistic solutions.

I’ve been where you are

For more than 4 years I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. It was made even worse because I never knew when it would strike, or for how long. I couldn’t guarantee I would be able to go anywhere or do anything. Planning for the future or having a normal life was impossible.

I remembered what life was like before the panic and anxiety, and I knew that this anxious state of being was not normal for me. Feeling such a loss of control over my life caused me to feel anxious every day. It drained my days of the joy I could have experienced otherwise. I was speeding toward emotional exhaustion, profound unhappiness and possibly a complete breakdown.

After searching high and low for many years and trying many things to get well I discovered how to release trapped emotions via the Emotion Code. I have experienced the Emotion Code as both a beneficiary and as a Practitioner, and I can confidently say that it is one of the most remarkable and authentic solutions for naturally treating anxiety.

What is causing my symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks?

As I explained earlier there can be an array of different causes of anxiety. You may have noticed it tends to run in families. It might be your family or the family of a friend. Genetics play their part and having multiple members of a family who suffer from anxiety issues is quite common.

For other people, there may be a specific event or trigger. They may suffer a traumatic event in their lives and find it leads to lasting painful memories. The memories, in turn, can lead to negative feelings and the longer they go on the more likely they are to lead to anxiety attacks, depression, or both.

Long-term anxiety and negative feeling can affect much more than just your mental health. It can also impact your physical health as well as your ability to for, meaningful relationships. In other words, if left untreated it can affect every part of your life. It is these negative, often subconscious feelings, that we called Trapped Emotions.

How to treat your anxiety and release trapped emotions with the Emotion Code

The first step in healing your anxiety is to remove the Heart-Wall. Your heart naturally wants to protect you and itself from harm. This instinct is sometimes misguided though and can lead to emotions being blocked off and trapped. Over time this affects our ability to give and receive love. It is as if our emotions gradually become frozen and our heart is in constant pain and stress. If untreated for long enough it is as if a wall is built in your heart which creates a barrier between you and they love you were born to experience. If you are completely emotionally isolated it is natural feelings of anxiety and panic will be the result.

I will always remember the day I finally removed my Heart-Wall. It was the beginning of a new stage of life, one that was finally free of anxiety and panic. Removing the Heart-Wall is the first step on the road to anxiety relief.

The second step in your journey is to confront and release the trapped emotions that are at the root of your anxieties. To do this you need to make contact with your subconscious mind. The Emotion Code employs various methods like muscle testing and magnet healing to gather information about the trapped emotions, feelings, and experiences that are affecting your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Muscle testing, for example, allows practitioners to gain insight into your subconscious by asking specific closed-ended questions. If you’re looking to cure anxiety, the questions your practitioner will ask you will likely refer to traumatic experiences that you may have experienced or painful memories that you can’t seem to lay to rest. Depending on how your muscles respond to these questions, practitioners can then use chakra balancing or magnetic healing to release the trapped emotions. Once they are released help you will be able to be free from the anxious emotions and feelings that are preventing you from living a happy, loving, meaningful, and well-balanced life.

How long will it take?

How long this will take depends on how many emotions you have trapped. It is only by releasing them all that you will be completely healed. I can’t recommend strongly enough that as painful as it may be you do all the work to release all your trapped emotions. I have truly seen lives completely transformed when the Heart-Wall is finally removed and all trapped emotions are released.

Before we move on to the final step I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about rehearsing unhappiness. Your subconscious mind is meant to store details from your past that are important. They may be important for your safety, your emotional intelligence, or even just day to day information. Just because your mind needs to know it however it does not need to rehearse, rehash or relive it. One of the most wonderful parts of The Emotion Code is learning to let go of this damaging behaviour. These trapped emotions are not helpful and they hold us back from moving forward with our lives. Turn your back on them forever!

The final step is remembering to maintain our emotional health. We maintain our cars, the boiler, and even send our pets for regular checkups at the vets. We need to do the same for ourselves. Being realistic, life goes on and there are always going to be bad or stressful events in it from time to time. For this reason every month we need to check in with ourselves. We should be on the lookout for the beginning of more trapped emotions or a new heart wall. We need to nip them in the bud before they can even get started!

Today really can be the last day you allow anxiety to slow you down and rob you of your emotional strength. You can learn to remove your Heart-Wall and release any trapped emotions which are causing you to suffer from anxiety. You’ll soon be a master at performing regular Heart-Wall and emotional maintenance to keep anxiety at bay so you can enjoy every second of your life to the fullest.

Let me know how I can help.

Expect miracles!

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