Did you know your amazing abilities and how much you are capable of tapping into these abilities ?

One of the greatest discoveries is how your Subconscious mind is programmed and how it controls almost everything you do and perceive in your reality .

To understand your true potential, you must first understand that the intelligence that created you made no errors in its creation ,you are pure intelligent energy with amazing capabilities .

If you will take the time to understand it and use it  ,this information can change your  life in amazing ways.

As  a child you are programmed and conditioned to have beliefs in each area of your  life .

The first seven years of life were spent downloading information, during these years, the brain is in Beta mode so that may learn how to respond to life ,how to behave ,how to form another  distinct knowledge regarding who you are as an individual, no conscious effort is put into this process.

All of your beliefs about your potential and each and every area of your  life were instilled in you by our parents, peers, teachers and any other influential persons surrounding you ,in addition, you form beliefs from experience and the sensation that those experiences are created within your  physical body .

This mentally program beliefs is housed in the Subconscious mind and operate automatically ,the repetition of mental programs  is created in the subconscious mind aka (emotional body -feeling sensation ) ,in the mental programs that each of us have ,they are not good or bad, they just are ,and some serve you  better than the  other .

Once they are embedded in the Subconscious mind, they operate automatically ,this is to say, the mind is interfacing the world we each  perceived as well as our biology and our behaviors , so the mind is what is in between the world and you, it is what influences what you see and how you respond.

When attempting to make an alteration within our lives, the system has difficulty  implementing the changes for any permanent or lasting results, in other words, your brain does everything it can and must do to keep you within the program boundaries that are established in the subconscious mind .

95 % of your life comes from the Subconscious program , the Subconscious mind does its job  with supreme accuracy , your nervous system operates at lightning speeds consequently, unless you change the image on the inside first, the outside will never reflect the new you for very long .

Your Subconscious mind is your Power source , for example: let’s say you want to increase your financial status .If  you do not reprogram your Subconscious mind  accordingly , you might have a great few months and make a lot of money that you have before, but, as soon as you start to produce better results that you have in the past ,your Subconscious mind will begin to do everything to keep consistent with the old self image without you even being aware of it .

The internal program or self image according to the Subconscious mind must be changed first, if you truly want to learn how to reset your internal programs to achieve greater results than ever before , you must identify these programs and work to make those changes, in other words you must become consciously in charge at the changes you desire .

Your body and brain are the most sophisticated piece of equipment known. The two minds, Conscious and Subconscious learn differently , the Conscious mind is called creativity  and can learn by reading a self help book or going to a lecture or reading an article, it is the source of all your wishes, desires and aspirations. The Subconscious mind is the habit mind ,it is resistant to change ,it functions in a completely different manner than the conscious mind ,it’s purpose is to make our programs real .Much like a chess game, the Subconscious program is always three moves ahead of the Conscious mind .

If you program the Subconscious appropriately, it will lead and direct you to your destination and bring those things in your consciousness field of perception .The question then becomes :how do I change my Subconscious mind ,how does it learn?

The first step is to start questioning where the doubts and fears that are holding you back came from , so that you may begin to eliminate them.

A very powerful way to identify Subconscious beliefs that hold you back is through muscle testing .This technique is used to discover whether this portion of the mind supports what you might consider to be one of your beliefs in order to clarify what needs to be changed or worked on .

The Subconscious mind is the computer that controls the muscle coordination and action.

The body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grade which is pure energy. Thoughts, EMOTIONS and beliefs have a significant impact on your electrical system, therefore making a statement that the Subconscious mind does not have a true belief , will cause this type of weakening in the muscles and it’s a good indication of what needs to be worked on ,for example :if you make a statement such as’’ I love myself ‘’ and the subconscious mind disagrees it will cause this type of momentary short circuiting of the muscles in your body .

Using your muscles you can pinpoint which event or emotions weakened or strengthen your body. It’s a simple way that you can ask your body questions and get clear answers like a telephone to the Subconscious mind .Once these answers are identified ,you can work on creating a new program for the ones that block your progress.


Have you ever experienced moments of lower vibrational emotional energies like fear, failure, abandonment, unworthy or betrayal?

Often times occur in our childhood days when we are too young to understand how to process them properly, and they get trapped in the body. These lower vibe over time wear us down, draining our energy, our immune function, and may eventually lead to physical pain and to chronic dis-ease conditions of all kinds-even cancer. Trapped emotions might also manifest as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Do you have an area of your life where you feel stuck or have negative patterns creating blocks again and again? Trapped emotions and limiting beliefs are likely the underlying cause running in your Subconscious Mind. Physical symptoms and illness often begin first in the emotional and mental bodies.

The Emotion Code healing method through muscle testing , can help you release these trapped emotions and emotional bagagge. Dr Bradley Nelson,the creator of The Emotion Code , sharing why clearing emotional resonances, traumatic perceptions, anxieties, and unprocessed life experiences is the key to moving forward toward a life you live fully!