Emotion and Body Code Energy Healing from Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse

Healing from narcissistic abuse and other emotional issues used to be a long, arduous commitment because other methods work with the conscious mind. We focus on clearing the subconscious mind since it records everything that’s ever happened to you in your entire life

My name is Alina Machita. I am a Transformational Healer ,Emotion and Body Code practitioner and Access Bars Facilitator My personal journey was one of complete dis-empowerment through long-term narcissistic abuse.
However, as deeply traumatic and absolutely devastating as this experience was, it also gave me the opportunity to either stay completely broken and go under, or to go inward and transform my entire life. After a Dark Night of the Soul experience  I  chose to go inward and transform my entire life .


Emotion and Body Code  Healing from Narcissism and Narcissistic abuse  offers fast and powerful healing sessions  to support you in releasing the subconscious scars of narcissistic abuse. Family members, co-workers, partners and friends can all be part of a toxic relationship. In fact, any relationship where you feel damaged or controlled by manipulation constitutes narcissistic abuse. I am well qualified to help you clear and heal your painful experiences as I too experienced a lengthy ongoing pattern of destructive, hurtful and manipulative relationships – before stepping into freedom.


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How does the 12 weeks program work? Here is an example of the matters we will be working on..


During Sessions

Through the combined modalities of Emotion Code, Body Code and Access Consciousness  energy healing, our third final sessions will begin with a deep subconscious clearings  recognizing the PTSD you have experienced and final acceptance of your changed life.
Ongoing monthly support will be discussed at this last meeting.

Thriver Success Stories

Alina  has been a constant presence in my healing journey.  She has been by my side in the capacity of therapist, healer, fellow survivor and friend.  Her support has been vital to my recovery from abuse I endured in a marriage to an individual with narcissistic personality disorder.  I suffered with a plethora of triggers, a common symptom of PTSD.  Alina suggested Emotion and Body Code healing modalities.  The Body Code successfully eliminated the anxiety the triggers caused.  I can now happily move through my life without certain sights and sounds bringing my world to a screeching halt.   Emotion and Body Code  healing sessions   has helped to keep me centered and focused on my recovery.  Alina and this amazing program has been crucial to my emotional health as I break free of the trauma and work toward rebuilding my life."

Lori V

I started Emotion and Body Code program  for my post traumatic experience with the ex narc. When he started to devalue me and then discard me I had no clue I was in complex post traumatic stress disorder. I went completely suicidal and and had no clue what was wrong with me. All I did  was blame myself and feel guilty and then there was the anger that didn't go away. Alina helped me for starting to connect myself back to reality as I had dissociated for many many years. He was not my first narc, but he is certainly my last. This amazing healing program  was helping to grasp my joy of living and allowing me to sleep again and release the pain. This is all work in progress. I have released so much of my past and confusion through the Emotion and Body Code  technique. Now I can focus on everything , without feeling trapped in any relationship or without wanting to ever be around a narc. Thanks for everything Alina, you are so kind, patient and devoted with me."

Roxana Neamtu

Emotion and Body Code Energy Healing from Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse



 Three monthly payments of $ 300 USD