born to be


Welcome to Feminine Blueprint,I'm Alina

It begins with You!

You were born to be you with unique gifts to share and master – this is your feminine essence.

What’s real in a woman’s life can also be challenging. For this reason, I designed Feminine Blueprint as a new, innovative approach that shows you how to redirect your creative power from focusing on problems and challenges to giving birth to the desires, dreams and destiny growing inside of you.

I'm an Empath, Transformational healer and I have  an unshakable passion and gift for empowering women to connect with their own souls’ wisdom and guiding them well beyond any obstacles holding them back and into a life that they love.  This includes healing also from a toxic or narcissistic relationship cycles, healing childhood wounding and dissolving trapped emotional trauma and  guiding Souls through their  true  authentic Self and the power within.

I gave birth to Feminine Blueprint as my own  personal journey was one of complete dis-empowerment through long-term narcissistic abuse.  However, as deeply traumatic and absolutely devastating as this experience was, it also gave me the opportunity to either stay completely broken and go under, or to go inward and transform my entire life. After a dark night of the soul experience  I chose to go inward and transform my entire life with the help and guidance of a skilled energy healer and The Emotion and Body Code System.

What I didn’t realise then was that in choosing to go inward and heal myself, I was in fact stepping through a magical portal, that would teach me the intricacies of true self-love, activate my healing gifts and illuminate the path for me to fulfil my  mission and became a transformational healer.

There is a destiny ready to unfold for you too! It begins when you are ready to discover Who you really are!