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End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body

6-Week Weight Loss Protocol

Are you discouraged that you try to eat the right foods but you never seem to lose the weight and keep it off?

Do you feel like a failure because you have issues with food, cravings you can’t control or annoying eating habits?

Have you tried various weight loss plans or exercise programs but never stayed with any one plan for very long?


Maybe you have tried everything to lose weight, did all the right things… yet nothing changed. If you are struggling to create the body you want or the eating habits you desire, there are probably some unresolved emotions, unconscious sabotage or negative programming that is impacting your ability to lose weight and keep the weight off.


Self Mastery consultation

    • New to all this? Here is an opportunity to see the process in action, test it, and ask questions for free. See if this is for you!

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Package -3 sessions

    • BODY and EMOTION  CODE is miraculous for past trauma and trapped emotions. These two healing modalities work hand in hand to create the most balanced, healthy you possible.
    • This special gives a full treatment of both . Experience health and balance like you have never known it!

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Single session

    • This session involves a consultation and treatment.
    • Follow up sessions can be arranged after the first session to become a package arrangement if you wish. Short sessions are great to just have a trial or for a child or pet. These issues are more simplistic and can be resolved in a shorter time frame. Only effective for one issue at best.

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Own the Software to heal self friends or family

    • Purchasing the software allows you to work on people and animals close to you. You will have the miraculous ability to unblock abundance flow to your life.
    • With unlimited access you can remove the impediments keeping your friends, family, pets, and self from being all you can be and all you want in life. The purchase provides a video to train you and can be stopped and re-run at will.

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More detail

Issues of anxiousness, sadness, fear, reliving bad memories, unhealthy food, drink and substance abuse, relationship issues, poor focus, as well as anxiety, stress, PTSD, and many others can be addressed. Through a process of precise testing and energy healing,  clients report being emotionally balanced and secure, happier, less stressed, and calm. They report having better relationships with family, friends, co-workers and even food, etc. leaving vices behind. Clients report it is not a question of will power, it is an ease in which there simply is not a desire to abuse oneself any longer, with addictions having no hold.

WEIGHT ISSUES -  The age-old treatment for weight issues was 'calories in - energy out' and we all know that it does not work. Through an exploratory process of asking questions of the higher self, we will glean answers that might surprise you. You might think you 'want to be thin' but the subconscious might reveal through questioning that 'I need this fat as armor' or 'I need this fat to not be pretty' for a myriad of reasons. We can then delve into the underlying blocks for this hidden attitude, releasing one from that which manifests as poor health. The change is instantaneous and powerful.

RELATIONSHIPS - All too often we struggle to understand why messages get distorted, why saying what you think is the best of intentions creates distress. Why are you not understood? Much can be the result of layers of heart walls. Trapped emotions can influence what you hear so that it seems different from the intent. Through a program of understanding these issues, we can remove the hold they have on your heart and mind to create a softer, more resilient you such that messages get it and out with clarity and love.

UNENDING EXHAUSTION - How can you get well if you do not have the energy to move? This chronic issue is a shutdown of the systems that digest, transfer food to energy, and remove toxins. If any of these systems are imbalanced, exhaustion manifests. Even though the conscious mind wants to be healthy, through muscle testing, we can discover from the higher self why this state of exhaustion exists and to create balance and pure energy flow.

EMOTIONAL STRESS AND UNHAPPINESS - Through a process of precise muscle testing, the percentage of joy, stagnant energy, and sadness are evaluated as a baseline and later checked. Follow this by asking the higher self what the belief system is that underlines and addresses these issues and we will be surprised and shocked to learn the true value system of the higher self. Within three weeks clients notice miraculous changes.

FINDING ABUNDANCE - Abundance can mean many things; health, happiness, security, wealth, artistic talent, writing skills, etc). The root of all these manifestations is the free flow of an energy called abundance. There are recognizable blocks and misalignments that keep this flow from coming in and going out like clear breathing. The process starts with getting a baseline for where you are and then removing what is keeping you stagnant. The sense of ease is recognizable and the results magnificent.

REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES - The quest for childbearing has become endemic in the Western world. The stresses of life and the toxins of our environment have changed the scales to the point where fertility has become a top issue for many. The side effects and expense of fertility clinics have driven many into a rollercoaster of difficulties.  IVF for under 35 is 40% successful. Older mothers to be are even less so. This process is so successful and simple it is astounding. If you would like to discuss your personal issues please contact me.

LOWER BACK IMBALANCES- One of the most prevalent and difficult for big Pharma and chiropractors to resolve. LBP can be symbolic of financial issues. It can also be a misalignment, a meridian block, or a nerve trapped. The process is two-fold; one is to remove the imbalances so that the higher self can realign. Two is to add energy to the body to self-heal. There is no manipulative force that can create more damage. Rather, the higher self is given the flow to access a healthy state, which is its desire, once the blocks are removed.

OVERCOMING PERSONAL LIMITS AND JUDGMENT - Through a process of finding what your true beliefs are, we can remove the underlying imbalances that block you from realizing your true power and inner strength. Biases are removed and the free flow of energy guides you to become all you can be. Your life becomes a power source when you realize your talents and worthiness to this planet.

BABIES AND CHILDREN - Issues with colic, bedwetting, eating disorders, gastric issues, nightmares, fears, insecurities, irrational fears, Emotional suffering, issues learning or staying focused, attachment issues, bonding issues, etc.

Other treatments are possible. Please enquire for further details.

ANIMALS OF ALL KINDS - Respond so well and fast to this treatment. Changes are miraculous.




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