6 Weeks of Healing for Overcoming Codependent , Counter Dependent and Narcissistic abuse with Emotion and Body Code energy healing

Group Clearing and Realignment  for

Self Love

The 6 weeks of healing is a multi-dimensional clearing and up leveling of your consciousness from the past, present and future.

Group clearing   offers fast and powerful healing sessions  to support you in releasing the subconscious scars of narcissistic abuse, codependent and counter dependent behavior.  Family members, co-workers, partners and friends can all be part of a toxic relationship. In fact, any relationship where you feel damaged or controlled by manipulation constitutes narcissistic abuse.
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We are  well qualified to help you clear and heal your painful experiences as  we too experienced a lengthy ongoing pattern of destructive, hurtful and manipulative relationships, before stepping into freedom.
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Your Group...is a safe, supportive and loving container for healing where you’ll receive maximum healing benefits for your soul ascension and the groups' oversoul. During group healings root causes for all our issues are neutralized faster because of the mass of vibrational energy that is intentionally generated, focused, and concentrated at a single point in time. These actions by us transcend all time, space and ego limitations that ordinarily exist in our day-to-day life. Instead, we deep dive you into the infinite intelligence that is all around us, but difficult to access consistently alone.


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What is Narcissism? Identifying the Patterns and Symptoms of Abuse
Narcissism is a condition in which an individual consistently indulges in self-aggrandizing behaviors. For example, a narcissist likes to keep a very dominant voice during a conversation and tries to dominate or manipulate every conversation for their own agenda. They want to come across as very knowledgeable and ‘know it all kind of people.
They will not listen to or acknowledge the point of view of other people. Every conservation generally ends with how great they are or how they are the victim in every situation. It’s all about them, and they have no hesitation in cutting others while talking.
Narcissists are incapable of feeling any empathy towards another person. They may show that they care, but it’s only to fulfill their own selfish needs. They have an exaggerated sense of self, extremely low self-esteem, and a highly fragile ego. However, outwardly they project high arrogance and superiority.
The narcissist likes to abuse because they operate in an infinite cycle of reward and punishment. On the first impression, they come across as very charismatic and confident personalities. They project themselves as perfect human beings, and they like to prey upon vulnerable people, especially the empaths.
So, to lure their prey, they employ the reward strategy, where they offer all kinds of help and support. They come across as very loving and understanding, but what they are basically doing is – they are gathering information about your weaknesses and trigger points. They are trying to learn what triggers you emotionally.
Once they have all the information, a time comes when they start punishing you. Now they will deliberately point out your weakness to you. Since they have low self-esteem, they want to pull you down and make you feel bad. By doing this, they get a very sadistic pleasure.
Narcissism has no known cure. You can’t transform the narc, but as an empath, you can learn to protect yourself from lies, deceit, gaslighting, and emotional pain that narcs enjoy inflicting.
Learn to build healthy boundaries, protect yourself from energy vampires and toxic influences, overcome sensitivity-based fatigue, overwhelm, and anxiety, and tune into your subtle energy to discover your spiritual connection.
Some of the symptoms of narcissistic abuse are as follows:
  • You engage in excessive people pleasing behavior , even at the cost of your own comfort and wellbeing. You always say ‘Yes’ to unreasonable requests and favors, and you have a hard time saying ‘No’ because of the fear that you might offend others.
  • You struggle emotionally because you have not been taught how to handle your own emotions in the first place. You experience anger, resentment, and irritability for unknown reasons (emotional flashbacks).
  • You are utterly confused about your relationship. On one side you want the relationship to work, but on the other hand, you can’t take the abuse. What you’re experiencing is known as cognitive dissonance and you feel that you’re stuck in a toxic relationship .
  • You constantly seek validation from others because you have been taught to do that by your abuser. You have always been told that you have to be in a certain way in order to feel worthy and respected.
  • You suffer from low self-esteem because of the constant abuse. The reason for this is because you have subconsciously picked up the idea of ‘perfection’ from your abuser and now it is impossible for you to meet their standards.
  • You seek dependency on others.
  • You struggle in your career and your finances are in mess.
  • You have a hard time trusting and opening up to other people.
  • You experience stress, anxiety, and depression.
If you are someone who experience more than one symptoms above ,  gets their emotional lives fulfilled through others; are overly focused on others' needs instead of your own and gets upset whenever others are upset; or maybe you are someone who avoids closeness and intimacy with others, is afraid of commitment or monogamy and deeply mistrusts others, then this healing  is for you!

What kinds of energies are cleared?

This is about accessing the pain that’s right there for you know. What is the obsessional thought,or the thing that you know is stuck inside you hurting you right now?
Through the combined modalities of Emotion and Body Code  energy healing  , our first  session cleanses your energetic field so you can create space for new and positive shifts in mind/body and soul.
This is about finding the trauma in your body which has been assigning the narcissist as your source of self.And usually this is easy to work out, because it relates to the part of us, or those parts, that don’t want to give the abusive person up and don’t want to disconnect from him or her .
What unhealed part of you is hanging on for one or more of these commodities -love, approval, security or survival ?
Through the combined modalities of Emotion and Body Code  energy healing  , our second   session cleanses your energetic field so you can create space for new and positive shifts in mind/body and soul.
This is about finding the trauma in your body which is related to non forgiveness of yourself, life and others. What is it that happened which you can’t forgive ?
What regret are you hanging onto that is not allowing you to go forward into your life?What victimized feelings are you finding it difficult to move beyond ?
This is about finding the trauma in your body which is related to the injustices and betrayals, the terrible treatment you have experienced, that is still traumatizing you, .What is it that continues to haunt you ?
What painful thoughts come up for you over and over again?
This is about finding the trauma in your body which is related to the needing to win and to get justice .This relates to those feelings when we believe we that need closure or accountability, or the narcissist is so that he or she gets exposed.
This is about finding the trauma in your body which is related to you taking responsibility for people who won’t take responsibility .Where do feel the feelings of your urge to fix, the guilt of letting go, or even that you are to blame for the problems? What makes you try to help and sort out someone else’s behaviour to signal the trauma to appear, so that you can claim it and shift it out .
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Join us  for 6 consecutive weeks  of body/mind healing and quantum realignment for only $175 ; where we transcend and breakthrough subconscious  past blocks and limitations by tapping into your infinite God given power to self-source your own energy, rather than accepting what shows up.

                                                   How Does It Work?

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to be included in a Zoom group healing group .
Healing will be activated on Zoom sessions  each Monday  at 8am EST. The first healing will begin on Sunday and the 7th (the last activation) will be on the following Saturday. Additional family  members or friends  can be included without them being present.