Anxious Moms. How to treat your children and yourself.

Having anxiety is hard enough without having to live with this disorder and raise children.Being moms with anxiety disorder,can become quite overwhelming to live a regular life.

With everything to do with motherhood causing you to go into a near panic attack ,how do you even deal with raising children?

Anxiety disorders are no joke and many people live with some form of anxiety.

Today I’m going to help share the impact of trapped emotions on your anxiety and how energy healing can be used very effectively to not just manage or help with anxiety disorder but actually identify the real underlying causes of it and end that excessive debilitating anxiety for good.

What is the real cause  of your anxiety symptoms and the impact of trapped emotions.

Now, I know it can be hard for you to see with your conscious mind because it’s so totally seems like it’s what’s happening right now that’s causing the stress and anxiety, right? Let me explain what real cause is :

I can tell you from my own experience, that is trapped emotional energy from the past that’s literally stuck in your body and continuing to affect your health and your ability to heal as well as colouring and filtering your experience of life. It’s causing you to repeat unhealthy or destructive patterns in some cases. Keep out love and vitality, get upset over things that maybe don’t really need to upset you so much. All because you are dragging around this emotional baggage, this trapped emotional energy from the past.

 The most common form that this emotional baggage takes in your body, is what I call trapped emotions and they are like tinted sunglasses that you have had on for years, maybe decades and you just don’t have any idea that’s WHAT’S GOING ON!

How does  trapped emotions relate to your anxiety?

Let’s say you have trapped stuck emotional energy of panic, anxiety or fear from some time in the past when you experienced a trauma ,it got trapped and it got stuck in your body because for whatever reason you didn’t fully process of fully experience it at the time, it may just been too overwhelming. So instead of that emotional energy leaving your body the way it’s designed to, it gets stuck and it kind of coalesced into a ball of energy and it’s stuck somewhere in your body. That stuck trapped energies are  creating an imbalance in your body, affecting your health and  also affecting your emotional state and fundamentally, it influences how you experience your life, it’s like a lens that’s going to impact how you experience yourself ,other people and life in general.

I’m asking you to consider the possibility that your anxiety really has very little if anything to do with what’s happening right now ,that may make complete sense to you and it also may be kind of a stretch for you because you’re sure it’s really your boss or your husband or your money that’s causing your anxiety now, but I just want you to consider that the anxiety about those circumstances is coming from the past not the present and in fact that trapped heavy emotional value from the past is exactly what’s preventing you from being able to find your own power to deal with the current circumstances ,it’s the past that has you feeling powerless ,not the present.

The great news about that is if that’s what’s really happening is then you don’t have to change other people or anything about your situation in order to free yourself from your anxiety, all you have to do is release those trapped emotions and you can finally experience your current actual life in a whole new way, free from that huge weight of the path.

How to Treat Anxiety and Release Trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code

The most common form that emotional baggage takes in our bodies is what’s called a trapped emotion which I described briefly above and to learn more you can read about that in the best selling book by DR Bradley Nelson called The Emotion Code ,you can find it here: These trapped emotions or these balls of energy they’re resonating at the frequency of a particular emotion like grief or anxiety or jealousy and they are located in your body .These trapped emotions are usually from having felt that emotion in the past and not processing fully at the moment at the time but they can also be absorbed from others and even more fascinating ,they can be inherited from our parents.

When that’s the cause ,you may have actually inherited that trapped anxiety or fear and depression and had that affecting you and shaping your whole life from before you even born. In my experience it’s these trapped emotional energies whether created by you or inherited ,are the single biggest cause of Anxiety .Using the Emotion Code healing method ,we can find and release these trapped emotions in seconds even the inherited ones and once they are gone, they are gone for good. You can read also : to find out more how I use energy healing to quickly and permanently clear trapped emotions to dispel that severe anxiety for good .

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