About Me


I'm Alina Machita

I'm an Empath , Transformational Healer and  Subconscious Mind specialist .

I have an unshakable passion and gift  to awaken people to their full identity, discover their gifts and connect to the Divine Source to gain the inner guidance that will help them live a purpose filled life.

My personal journey was one of complete dis-empowerment through long-term narcissistic abuse.  However, as deeply traumatic and absolutely devastating as this experience was, it also gave me the opportunity to either stay completely broken and go under, or to go inward and transform my entire life. After a Dark Night of the Soul experience  I  chose to go inward and transform my entire life .

I can help you  to become aware of the shifts you are going through already (and perhaps struggling with) on a metaphysical, cognitive, emotional and physical level-all at the same time. I call this '' Healing from Soul to Cell''.

You are doing it already anyway, albeit reluctantly ,without knowing it, nor being able to wrap your hands around it .Trying to figure it out leads to hamster wheel and causes resistance.

I teach you to consult the expert-Your body and Your 80 trillion sentient cells. Does that sound far fetched? It's not, this is how I have been healing myself , my  family and my  clients over 5 years now.

If you are feeling any pain or dis-ease ,depression, anxiety ,allergies and stress, then you are really in resistance energetically , and your mind cannot figure this out for you.

Based on the principles of quantum science, I discovered the  healing system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson- Emotion and Body Code , which is designed to release trapped emotions and trigger our body’s capacity to self-heal. My practices focus on using the power of the subconscious mind to rewire our old belief systems. My  aim is  to help others transform their energetic blocks, trapped emotions, and limiting beliefs –so they can move through life feeling clear and confident in their career, relationships and mindset.

In my private sessions  , I focus on healing through Emotion and Body Code ,Access Bars and Access  Consciousness. The Emotion Code is the latest form of energy healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, in which I use muscle-testing (Kinesiology) to determine which negative emotions are trapped in your body, and then releasing each trapped emotion one at a time. As the most comprehensive holistic approach to healing, The Body Code is a total wellness solution. It is intended to help you restore your health and wellness by resolving the underlying imbalances causing physical, mental, or emotional distress. The Body Code is intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit — so you can have the opportunity to make corrections right on the spot.

These techniques have been found to greatly relieve and even eliminate chronic pain, clear blocks to one’s creativity, remove barriers to moving forward with life goals, and frees the heart to find love and happiness. My clients have reported positive outcomes with reduction of physical discomfort, love, and relationships, financial abundance, creativity, emotional well-being, generational trauma clearing, addictions, stress transformation, anxiety, creating more success, and so on. Most importantly it empowers people to understand how their bodies are capable of healing naturally and they are in charge of their emotions which in turn brings a change in their outlook towards life.

The process creates harmony and healing. Energy healing works deeper than psychotherapy and has fewer side effects than pharmacology.  It is a miraculously effective means of resolving a myriad of emotional and physical issues, removing the invisible hold of energetic imbalances that create debilitating challenges of chronic pain, fatigue, addictions, relationship issues, and more.

Our journey together is enlightening, fun, easy ,transformational, refreshing ,gives you new tools and shows you how to go directly to the root of any issue through your connection to Higher Guidance, and rapport with your subconscious mind.

Together you learn how to listen to your body's cues and signals as your own personal compass GPS- '' Personal Guidance System''

Let me show you how to navigate the process in ease,joy and glorious flow.

Much love,


My work

I believe each person has an intelligence they use to develop skills and expression that enhance their life path. Too often, obstacles block and distort these gifts, keeping us from living in love, accomplishments, and balance. 


The process of healing I use involves guiding, illuminating and opening to accelerate the process, to make more of the time you have, to facilitate a wider, more expansive experience in this life.


Whether dealing with emotional or physical issues, I am trained and have worked hard to facilitate wellness in others for over five  years. I take my work very seriously and consider it a great privilege to navigate the path to freedom and creativity with you. Energy-based healing is about understanding the root cause, examining experiences that make us who we are and illuminating the motives, the dysfunctional beliefs, and the blocks that keep you from an unhindered life.


The topics to treat are open-ended. Emotional and mental issues, relationship difficulties, fertility, stress, anxiety, fear and feeling stuck or trapped -and many more can be successfully dealt with.


What you can expect:

  • Here you will learn how to tame the immensely powerful waves within you to create a coherence in mind, body, and spirit creating balanced health and emotions. ​

  • Through a revolutionary healing modality called Body Code/Emotion Code you can gain access to your higher self, unleashing the power within you designed to heal, restore, and set you free.

  • Become the best version of yourself.




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