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Alina Machita

Helping You  to recover from emotional and physical discomfort, stress and self-sabotage  with less effort through releasing subconscious imbalances that keeps  you stuck  from moving forward and activate your manifesting abilities.


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How to Access Your Subconscious Mind and Align with the Desires of Your Soul?

Imagine it for a moment you had your own personal professional specialist offering you the advice of lifetime on not only what the Subconscious mind is but also helping you identify and clear all the blocks and imbalances in your body preventing you to achieve the life you have ever imagine and become in alignment  with your highest potential.

If you are experiencing physical, mental or spiritual distress you are in the right place!

Are you frustrated, tired and looking for relief from illness, severe discomfort or a mental health issue? Then rest assured your search is over…I have helped souls  just like you get back on track and diminish imbalances, illness and negative thinking to live a happy purposeful joy filled life. I am dedicated and passionate about helping YOU overcome life’s challenges; whether you are suffering, have been feeling unwell or your life has lost the meaning and purpose it once had… Give yourself this gift and join many other souls  who have embarked on this journey to health and wholeness – I guarantee, you won’t regret it!

Goal issues

Performance Anxiety

Public Speaking Confidence

Anger Issues

Confidence Issues

Social Anxiety

Artistic Creation

Creative Thinking

Discipline Issues

 Level of Consciousness  issues

Procrastination Issues

Spiritual Connection

Meditation Blocks

Creating a Balanced Business World

Trauma issues


Emotional Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Suicidal Concerns

Relationship Issues

Relationship Traumas

Experiential Traumas



Negative energies

Getting Over Someone, Something, etc.

 Narcissistic abuse 

Emotional issues

Anger Issue

Fear Issues

Anxiety Issues



Heart Ache

Humiliation Issues

Discouragement Issues



Low Self-Esteem

Panic Attacks

Getting Over Someone, Something, etc.

Sugar Addiction

Any Addiction

Are you a soul who wants to dissolve your fears and live the life that you deserve?

I'm working with you and your body to find the underlying reason-emotional,physical or belief-based,that prevents you from living the fullest,healthiest life.


Just as your body knows instinctively how to repair a cut finger, your body has the ''innate wisdom'' to know what it needs to heal itself of any illness.I simply tap into that innate wisdom and listen while your body tells me what it needs. Then I use the many natural and non invasive modalities available to help it back on its journey to healing. That's where the miracles come in''

Physical ailments

Any Physical Pain


Pregnancy Issues

Fertility Issues

Weight Issues

Knee Issues




Teeth Grinding


Tooth Pain

Vision Issues

Thyroid Imbalance 

Kidney  Issues


Jaw Pain

Chronic Fatigue 


Cardiac Issues

Sleep Blocks

Hearing Issues

Memory Issues

Back Pain





Emotional and physical issues including the above can be addressed with animals. They, like children, are more pure and therefore faster to treat. Start with a min-session. Amazing results can happen with one treatment.




Farm Animals

Zoo Animals

 Animals In the Wild


All of the issues may be addressed to children. They respond incredibly fast  to stored emotions and can usually be done with a mini-session.

Often treated issues:

Eating Issues


Confidence Issues

Social Anxiety

Sleep issues

Study and Learning Blocks


What my Clients Are Saying

I'm so incredibly grateful to have found Alina and to work with her on my healing journey. Alina's intuitive insights ,kindness and compassion have allowed me to feel safe, seen and heard.I'm already noticing shifts after only one session.

I hope that everyone in need of healing gets a chance to work with Alina ,she's an amazing healer and a beautiful soul.


Flight attendant


"I've have felt huge shifts in my confidence and communicating and other challenging situations.I'm no longer fearful of my narcissist  ex husband and I've begun to attract more abundance and healthy ,loving people into my life.

Alina has helped me replace old,negative beliefs ,limiting beliefs with feelings of abundance,trust and confidence.I've started my own business following Alina's advice and guidance.


Massage Theraphist


Before starting my healing journey ,I was insecure,filled with self doubt and completely stuck in my victim ''story''.Working with Alina has helped me transcend my past traumas and really take charge of  my life.

I have a new understanding of  the world around me and I now know that I have the power to overcome anything that comes my way instead of writhing in self doubt like I did for so many years.




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